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  Plant Elisa kits

List of available Kit

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Product NO Product Name                                                                                                                              YHB0000Pl Plant Abscisic acid,ABA ELISA Kit YHB0001Pl Plant Calmodulin,CAM ELISA Kit YHB0002Pl Plant Cytokinin,CYT ELISA Kit YHB0003Pl Plant Gibberellic Acid(GA) ELISA Kit YHB0004Pl Plant Indole acetic acid,IAA ELISA Kit YHB0005Pl Plant Vitamin B12,VB12 ELISA Kit YHB0006Pl Plant Vitamin B6,VB6 ELISA Kit YHB0007Pl Plant Vitamin E,VE EELISA Kit YHB0008Pl Plant Sucrose Phosphate Synthase(SPS)ELISA Kit YHB0009Pl Plant gibberellic acid(GA)ELISA Kit YHB0010Pl Plant malondialchehyche(MDA) ELISA Kit YHB0011Pl Plant Super Oxidase Dimutase(SOD) ELISA Kit YHB0012Pl Plant Glutathione reductase(GR) ELISA Kit YHB0013Pl Plant glutathione S-transferases(GSTs) ELISA Kit YHB0014Pl Plant Glutathione peroxidase(GSH-Px) ELISA Kit
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Price (CAD):96 tests $725/48 tests $470
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